Valentín Alfaya

Valentin alfaya

Director of Prevention, Quality and Environment at Grupo Ferrovial and Chairman of the Spanish Group for Green Growth

He has a PhD in Biological Sciences from UCM and a Diploma in Engineering and Environmental Management from EOI.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the sector, he is currently Director of Prevention, Quality and Environment at Grupo Ferrovial. From 2004 to 2008 he was the Group’s risk manager. He is chairman of Grupo Español para el Crecimiento Verde (the Spanish Green Growth Group), a member of the Green Growth Group (a group that advises the European Commission for the 2030-2050 agenda) and the Corporate Leaders Group, of the Advisory Council of MAGRAMA’s Biodiversity Foundation, the Climate KIC General Assembly (UN-SDSN regional chapter), the Board of Directors of ENAC and of the scientific committee of the Inter-University Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA), among others.

He has also been an expert participant in several national and international multi-stakeholder forums, including several related to environmental risk management, such as the committee of the UNE standard and CEOE Working Group for the Environmental Responsibility Law. He has written several monographs and technical and scientific articles. He also lectures at several centres like the Rey Juan Carlos University and the School of Industrial Organisation.