Raúl Oliván Cortés

Raúl Olivan

Director General of Citizen Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Volunteering, Government of Aragon

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the UOC and Diploma in Social Work from the University of Zaragoza, and has also studied Citizen Participation Techniques (University of Zaragoza) and Urban Strategic Development (Ibero-American Development Centre), specialising in Cultural Management in Cities.

As Director General of Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Volunteering for the Government of Aragon, Raúl is promoting projects such as LAAAB (Aragon Open Government Laboratory).

He has been an advisor to the Strategic Group of the Fourth Sector at the World Economic Forum and SEGIB, a mentor in the Citizen Innovation project – having participated in the Citizen Innovation Laboratories in Cartagena (Colombia), Veracruz (Mexico), Rio de Janeiro and Santos (Brazil) – and a collaborator with the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the NGO Metropoli on the project Social Laboratories for Cultural Entrepreneurship, as a result of which he has worked with the Instituto do Procomum (Brazil), the Government of Santa Fe to promote SantaLab (Argentina), and with the Government of Nariño (Colombia) through CISNA (Centre for Social Innovation in Nariño).

Until 2017 he was Director and Ideologist with Zaragoza Activa (ZAC), a public ecosystem for entrepreneurship and social innovation that he designed in 2008 and which opened its doors in 2009 in the Azucarera del Arrabal, a 4000 m2 refurbished factory.

Zaragoza Activa undertakes projects like: La Colaboradora (p2p coworking with time bank); Semillero de Ideas (entrepreneurship school); Vivero de Emprendedores (more than 60 incubated companies), Made in Zaragoza (innovative urban business cluster); the ZAC network (vertically branched network with its own currency and more than 10,000 members, based on competency-based education with an original portfolio of nine multi-disciplinary competencies); ThinkZAC Las Armas (citizen innovation laboratory and community incubator); Remolacha Hacklab (collaborative learning and knowledge classroom); Programa MIE (Mediation Entrepreneurship Innovation, with the University of Zaragoza based on the MediaLab Prado methodology); and Centro de Nuevas Economías (slow cafeteria, collaborative park, mutant shop, library of things, sharing city commission and lateral classroom), which will be the third ZAC space after La Azucarera and Las Armas.

Zaragoza Activa was recognised for its best practice in Buenos Aires Creativa, winning the Aragonese of the Year Award 2013 in the category of Entrepreneurship and the Ouishare Awards for collaborative economics in the P2P Finance category with the La Colaboradora project in 2015. It also won the Eurocities Awards in 2016, competing in the final with cities such as Helsinki and Nice. Finally, in 2017 it was selected for URBACT and participated in the URBACTFest in Tallinn.