Antonio Lafuente

antonio lafuente

Senior researcher at the History Institute of CSIC, Spain

Antonio Lafuente (Granada, Spain) PHD in Phyisics, from 1987 Scientific Researcher Investigador at the Instituto de Historia del CSIC. From 1989 to 1990 was Visiting Scholar at the Berkeley University, California.Some of his last papers have been published at Osiris, Social Studies of Science, Claves de Razón Práctica,Revista de Libros and Archipiélago. Recent books: Georges-Louis Leclerc, conde de Buffon (1707-1788) (Madrid, 1999), Los mundos de la ciencia en la Ilustración española (Madrid, 2003) and El carnaval de la tecnociencia (Gadir, 2007). Presently his research is on the connections among contemporary culture and the Enlightment using the notions of commons and heritage as key concepts. Also his interests go on how the frontiers among nature and artificial, private and public and expertise and layperson tend to disappear.