Education for transformation

When the Agenda 2030 was approved, in September 2015, the international community acknowledged that education is key to successfully achieving the 17 SDGs. Indeed, without citizens being educated in the appropriate knowledge and values and given the skills needed for the twenty-first century, it would not be possible to attain such goals as decent work (SDG 8), the promotion of justice (SDG 16) or responsible consumption (SDG 12), for example.

So how can we redesign education in order to arrive at the ideal future scenario sketched out by the SDGs? How can we create innovative educational models that respond to the challenges of the future, adapt to different local contexts and involve the participation of young and old alike in the construction of the common good?

Transforming education means transforming realities, and it is possible. In fact it is already happening, thanks to various local scale educational innovation initiatives. But to bring about the imaginary future represented by the Sustainable Development Goals and achieve results on a global scale it is necessary for them to be escalated, and above all for all stakeholders in society to be involved: the public sector, the private sector, universities, businesses and citizens.

It is possible, and it is urgent. Let’s act now. Together

Las actividades y conferencias que formarán parte de esta línea en la conferencia son ideas, proyectos, reflexiones y experiencias que ya están realmente transformando las realidades y dando pasos hacia la consecución de los ODS.

Sugata Mitra

Reseacher and profesor of educational technology, Newcastle University. Founder of The School in the Cloud y the SOLE Project


Angelica Dass

Artist, photographer and social activator. Founder of the educational project HUMANAE

Karim Abouelnaga

Social and educational entrepreneur, founder of Practice Makes Perfect

Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón

Mathematician, professor of languages and computer systems, University of La Rioja. Founder of ‘Big Van, Scientists on wheels’

Lucía Miranda

Playwright, stage director, art-educator and founder of The Cross Border Project

Félix García Lausín 

Commissioner of the Ibero-American Space of Knowledge, SEGIB (International organization serving Ibero-America)

José Antonio Alonso

Professor of Applied Economics, Complutense University of Madrid

Teresa González García

Young Leader for the SDGs (ONU) and founder of de Liter of Light (Mexico)

Javier Bronchalo 

Social and educational entrepreneur. Co-fundador of Origami for Change, INQ Learning and SOLE Spain

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