Javier Bronchalo

Social and educational entrepreneur. Co-founder of Origami for Change, INQ Learning and SOLE Spain

Entrepreneur and social innovator in the field of education with more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and researcher, he is a co-founder of Origami for Change, INQ Learning and SOLE Spain.

His work and research focuses on how people improve their way of learning through the active acquisition of information, peer support and participation in a community based on equality and mutual respect. All his work is carried out in learning environments of formal, non-formal and informal education.

Currently he is working on different benchmark projects at national and international level, with such outstanding people in the field of education and innovation as Sugata Mitra at School in the Cloud, Yacoov Hecht at Educational Cities, Manuela Villa at Ciudad DIWO and Ferran Adriá at Creative Schools.