Much more than a Conference: a starting point towards an imagined future

From 27 to 29 June 2018 the University of Salamanca, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Iberdrola will be holding the Ibero-American Conference on Sustainable Development Goals – a gathering that will turn the city into the Ibero-American SDG capital for those few days, and ideally beyond.

The Conference, which has been organised as part of the celebrations for the 8th Centenary of the University of Salamanca, was conceived with the aim of reaching a collective agreement to drive forward the changes needed to meet the 2030 UN Agenda Sustainable Development Goals in the Ibero-American region.

Given that such deep and complex changes can only be tackled by standing together, this commitment – which will be sealed by adherence to the Salamanca Declaration – will take the form of a great multi-player alliance which will go beyond the Conference itself and will gradually include more public and private institutions, third sector organisations, universities and the public – the real catalysts of change.

In Salamanca, we are going to set the stage for that achievable, desirable and sustainable world for 2030, a world that doesn’t exist today.


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