Multiactor Partnerships

Partnerships have been defined as the “heart” of the agenda for 2030, the most effective mechanism for facing up to the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals. But organisations still have much work to do to adapt themselves to this mechanism, since business as usual and the collaborative structures of the past do not seem apt for the new era of collaboration and co-creation.

At the moment most of the talk about the need for partnerships focuses on attracting and combining resources to address issues that a single organisation would not be able to tackle. But this is only a part of the picture in the much broader framework of the SDGs. The investment required by partnerships to development is not just financial, but includes investment in new institutional agreements, in teaching, in adapting cultures, language and perspective, etc. And it is an investment yielding high returns in the medium and long term.

Sustainable transformation cannot wait, and collaborative work in partnerships allows limitations and opportunities to be identified, promoting creativity and allowing us to imagine new possibilities and scenarios. We need to promote changes, agreements and transversal visions built on the basis of mutual trust, in the framework of Multi-Actor Partnerships.


Only by working together will we be able to achieve the SDGs.

Alejandra Rojo 

Head of multi-actor partnerships at itdUPM, Associate of the Parterships Broker Association

Leda Stott

itdUPM, Partnership Brokers Association

Leonardo Martins Dias

 Strategic Sustainability Advisor

Leire Pajín

Director of International Development Department, Institute of Global Health of Barcelona – ISGlobal

Maria Bobenrieth

Executive Director of Women Win

Paloma Andrés

FUNCIONA, Partnership Brokers Association

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