Environment and Energy

The environmental challenge is a transversal one, and it underlies the whole of Agenda 2030: How can we hope to eradicate hunger or to achieve quality education, peaceful societies and gender equality without a healthy planet?

Sustainable development does not involve just reducing consumption of raw materials, water and energy. It is also necessary to promote the reuse of waste and the circularisation of the economy, and at the same time to restore the ecosystems that have been damaged.

To achieve these transformations, we all have before us the great challenge of educating ourselves on the transition to responsible consumption, developing technologies that allow more efficient use of resources and establishing the systems of governance needed to put solutions into practice where they are most needed.

All these inescapable transformations require change in every individual as well as collective action: for this reason we shall see in the Conference how we can face up to these challenges together through the visions of the various different sectors of society (private, public, universities and so on). Let’s act now. Together.

Bárbara Pons

Department of Urban Strategy, Barcelona Regional

Carlos Sallé

Director of Energy Policies and Climate Change, Iberdrola

David F. Murphy

Deputy Director, Institute for Leadership & Sustainability (IFLAS), University of Cumbria (UK)

Fernando Valladares

Javier Goyeneche

President and Founder of ECOALF, sustainable fashion with recycled materials

José Abel Flores

Professor of Paleontology

Josep María Gili

Research profesor at the Institute of Marine Sciences of Barcelona – CSIC

Mónica Gutiérrez

Founder of BASURAMA, group dedicated to research and cultural management

Sandra Magro

Teresa González García

Young Leader for the SDGs (ONU) and founder of de Liter of Light (Mexico)

Valentín Alfaya

Director of Safety, Health, Quality and Environment department, Ferrovial Group

Victor Viñuales

Director of Ecodes (Ecology and Development Foundation)

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