Victoria Muriel

Victoria Muriel Patino

University of Salamanca and Council for Cooperation in Development

Victoria Muriel Patino has a doctorate in Economics from the University of Salamanca, Master of Arts in Economics from Boston University (USA), Degree in Law and Degree in Economics from the University of Salamanca. She is currently a full professor in the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Salamanca and Deputy Director of the Department. She has been an independent expert member of the Spanish Cooperation Council since 2014. She has published a variety of articles on economic development, finance and microfinance. She has provided technical assistance to numerous Spanish and international companies and organisations, including the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the European Investment Bank. She has taken part in research projects funded by the Government of Castile and León, Ministry of Education, AECID and Latin American organisations. She has taken part as a guest lecturer in a variety of educational programmes at Spanish and Latin American institutions and universities

 Technical management of the conference

Belén Viloria

TEDx Ambassador

Consultant, investor, mentor and philanthropist. A graduate in Law and Business Administration and Management from ICADE (E3), Belén Vitoria spent over 17 years managing and directing multinational companies, heading their creation and launching brands and strategic plans. She then decided, 9 years ago, to create an independent network of experts to tackle transformation and innovation projects directly.

She has personally led strategy and innovation projects, especially social and cultural ones, such as the launch of Ashoka in Catalonia, and has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs who are making a notable difference. She is a curator of innovation programmes for big companies and a public speaking adviser. She is a partner and member of the Advisory Board of Tramontana, a company that handles the digital transformation of big organisations, such as the Spanish National Library.

She is a mentor for young entrepreneurs with Youth Business Spain and Comillas Alumni. She is also an Ambassador for the worldwide platform TEDx and a founder member of TED in Spanish.


Carlos Mataix

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Council for Cooperation in Development

A full professor in the Department of Organisational Engineering of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Carlos Mataix is the director of the university’s Centre for Innovation in Technology for Human Development (itdUPM). He has had extensive experience in the field of international development cooperation. He was a co-founder of the NGO Engineering Without Borders (now ONGAWA) and was a manager in the International Development Cooperation (AECID) Aid Planning and Quality Unit. He has also been a visiting researcher at the University of Sussex –Institute of Development Studies (IDS)– in the United Kingdom. He has published a variety of articles and books on cooperation management and, in particular, on building partnerships with the business sector.

Jaime Moreno

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Jaime Moreno is the Technical Director of the Centre for Technological Innovation of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid- itdUPM. He has a Master’s degree in Technology for Human Development and Cooperation from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, where he also obtained a diploma in Industrial Engineering on a dual-degree programme with the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées in Paris. Previously he was project director for the NGO Movement for Peace (MPDL)

Agustín Delgado


Agustín Delgado graduated in Industrial Engineering from ICAI, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, and has a doctorate in Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering from UNED. He is currently the Director of Innovation, Sustainability and Quality for Iberdrola. His responsibilities range from developing R&D management processes, the Knowledge Management system and coordinating the Sustainability and Quality Systems to Initiatives for the business units of the Iberdrola Group.

He is also responsible for the Iberdrola risk capital management programme, where he coordinates investment in technology-based companies that are linked with energy sustainability.

Mónica Oviedo


Mónica Oviedo is the manager of Sustainability Management for the Iberdrola Group. With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations in 2015, she works with the sustainability department to promote the important role of the private sector, specifically Iberdrola, in attaining this universal strategic plan.

Convinced of the vital role played by the energy sector in promoting sustainable development and the privileged position of Iberdrola as a model to be followed, she has taken an active part in launching the Iberdrola climate goals and coordinates the Electricity for All programme, which was launched in 2014 to promote initiatives for universal access to electricity.

Fernando Rodríguez

University of Salamanca

Fernando Rodríguez is a full professor in the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Salamanca. He is a graduate in Law and in Economic and Business Sciences and has a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Salamanca and a Master of Arts in Economics from Boston University. His lines of work and publications focus on the economic analysis of public policy in Spain and abroad. The topics mainly relate to environmental economics, economic development, financial Inclusion and the economic analysis of law. He has acted as a consultant in these areas on projects funded by a variety of companies and national and international bodies, including the Spanish Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, the European Investment Bank and the World Bank. He has been director of the University of Salamanca’s Master’s degree in Economic Analysis of Law and Public Policy since 2006.